Coilcraft Critical Products and Services

About Coilcraft Critical Products & Services

Coilcraft CPS (Critical Products and Services) is part of Coilcraft, Inc., focusing on magnetic products for very high reliability, critical applications, such as those found in aerospace, military, medical and other applications where durability and reliability are of paramount importance. End products that must operate in unusually harsh environmental conditions are also a good fit for our magnetic components.

All manufacturing facilities have received ISO/TS 16949 (Automotive) certification. In addition, all facilities have received ISO 9001 (Quality Management System) certification for the "Design, manufacture, and distribution of inductive components including SMT and leaded inductors, transformers and assemblies for telecom, computer, automotive, industrial and other international markets." This certification demonstrates that Coilcraft has operational quality systems in place that satisfy the rigorous demands of our customers.

Coilcraft-CPS is ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) registered. Registration has been issued to Coilcraft-CPS by the US State Department Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC) Compliance Registration Division (CRD).

Coilcraft is a privately held company, founded in 1945 as a custom coil maker for the many television set manufacturers that were clustered around the Chicago area at that time. As the electronics industry matured and diversified, Coilcraft focused on customer needs and continually developed new products. Today, Coilcraft produces inductors for a long list of customers worldwide in telecommunications, computers, instrumentation and other electronic products. Coilcraft CPS was a direct outgrowth of that customer focus.

Customers need products designed, manufactured and tested to ensure their suitability for life-critical applications and for use in adverse environmental conditions. In order to accomplish this, Coilcraft CPS tests components to extremes, far exceeding ratings of standard commercial parts. Additionally, components can be certified to meet unique customer requirements. Components are manufactured, tested and certified without third-party value-adds or testing, assuring complete and documented control of all processes. And because no outside services are required, costs and delivery timelines are both reduced.

Available value-added services include tinning, with either lead or RoHS materials, custom environmental and electrical testing and much more. For applications requiring an extended temperature range (–55°C to +155°C) or a greater level of shock and vibration endurance, these robust families of parts meet the rigors of these most demanding environments.

Most are standard, off-the-shelf products, but also can be custom designed to meet customers' specific requirements. The basic Coilcraft CPS product lines include:

  • Surface mount inductors
  • Surface mount power inductors
  • xDSL magnetics
  • Tunable and fixed RF inductors
  • EMI filters
  • High frequency power magnetics

Coilcraft's worldwide headquarters are in Cary, Illinois, 30 miles northwest of Chicago's O'Hare Airport. In addition to corporate offices, this facility houses our engineering department, customer service plus manufacturing.

Our European headquarters is located in Cumbernauld, Scotland, near Glasgow.

There are another nine Coilcraft plants in the U.S. and Mexico as well as production centers in Scotland, Taiwan, Singapore, China and Malaysia. Coilcraft CPS also has sales support staff located in Japan and other major international locations.

This diversity of locations offers several advantages to our customers. With engineering and marketing based at our headquarters location, we can be exceptionally responsive to your needs. Engineering prototypes are shipped in a matter of days. Our domestic North American plants can quickly provide your pilot run requirements. Full-scale production can be US based or moved to an appropriate offshore plant for maximum economy and convenience to your own facilities.

Manufacturing capabilities are duplicated at several locations, assuring you a steady supply of components.

Whether your applications are in aerospace, military, medical or other critical product category, talk to Coilcraft CPS. You'll benefit from our resources, our experience and our personalized customer service.

World Headquarters

1102 Silver Lake Road,  Cary IL 60013 USA
+1-847-639-2361,  Fax +1-847-639-1469,  Email: [email protected]

European Headquarters

Coilcraft Europe, 21 Napier Place, Wardpark North, Cumbernauld, Scotland G68 0LL
+44/1236/730595, Fax +44/1236/730627, Email: [email protected]

日本  Japan

 Coilcraft, Inc., #505 MS Center Building, 1 -2-2 Minami Naruse, Machida-Shi, Tokyo 194-0045
+81-427-20-5404  Fax: +81/427/20-5405  Email: