Custom Designs

Coilcraft CPS welcomes request for custom or customized constructions for coils, transformers, filters and other inductors. Common requests include special values or terminations, special termination finishes, custom specification values and performance tests based on unique conditions.

If you need a custom transformer or a variation of one of our standard transformers, fill out our Power Transformer Worksheet.

If you would like a quote for a custom inductor, fill out our Inductor Design worksheet.

Custom COTS Solutions

Coilcraft CPS can add special termination finishes to meet specific requirements for all surface mount or leaded components. These special finishes can improve the solder fillet and ensure an exceptionally reliable solder joint.

Gold terminations can be replaced with tin-lead finishes for exempt applications.  Special high-temperature terminations are available for automotive or other demanding environments. Once the new termination finish has been applied, the components are 100% tested for inductance and any other required electrical parameters. Unlike third-party “tinning services” that use generic packaging materials, Coilcraft will tape, reel and package the components to original factory specifications.  This protects the parts during shipping and ensures trouble-free handling during manufacturing.

Ordering Special Component Terminations

Refer to the data sheet for the product you wish to order. The “L” or "R" near the end of the part number is the standard termination code.

Substitute the following code letter for the “L”:
S Tin-lead (63/37)
T Tin-silver-copper (95.5/4/0.5)

Substitute the following code letter for the “R”:
P Tin-lead (63/37)
Q Tin-silver-copper (95.5/4/0.5)

0805LS-822XGSC  8.2 μH 0805LS chip inductor with tin-lead terminations
DO3316P-222MTD  2.2 μH DO3316P power inductor with tin-silver-copper terminations

Coilcraft offers specialized products and services for military, aerospace, medical and other markets that require other than standard terminations, special products or customized testing.

All of Coilcraft’s engineering and production facilities have received ISO/TS 16949 (Automotive) and ISO 9001 (Quality Management System) certification for the “Design, manufacture, and distribution of inductive components including SMT and leaded inductors, transformers and assemblies for telecom, computer, automotive, industrial and other international markets.” This certification demonstrates that Coilcraft has operational quality systems in place that satisfy the rigorous demands of the automotive industry for their suppliers.