Electronic Data Interchange Services

Coilcraft offers customers the option of using EDI to communicate common business transactions such as placing orders, forecasting anticipated product needs, remittance advice, order changes and others.

We use a product from Inovis, Inc. Corporation to translate data following either the American Standards Committee X12 format or EDIFACT format. We use Inovis as our Value Added Network (VAN) to allow us to send or receive data from our trading partners several times a day as workflow demands.

To obtain more information about Coilcraft-CPS’s EDI services, contact our EDI Coordinators at [email protected].

The inbound transactions Coilcraft is presently receiving from our trading partners are:

820 – Payment Order/Remittance Advice

830 – Planning Schedule with Release Capability

846 – Inventory Status

850 – Purchase Orders

860 – Purchase Order Change

861 – Receiving Advise

862 – Shipping Schedule

997 – Functional Acknowledgement of Outbound Documents

ORDERS – EDIFACT Purchase Orders

DELFOR – EDIFACT Planning Schedule

DELJIT – EDIFACT Shipping Schedule

DESADVAdvance Ship Notice

INVRPT – Inventory Report

RECADVReceiving Notice

The outbound transactions Coilcraft is currently sending to our trading partners are:

810 – Invoice

855 – Purchase Order Acknowledgment

ORDRSP – Purchase Order Acknowledgment

856 – Advance Ship Notice

865 – Purchase Order Change Acknowledgment

997 – Functional Acknowledgment of Inbound Documents


DESADVAdvance Ship Notice

ORDRSP – EDIFACT Order Response