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Welcome to Coilcraft CPS.  We are a division of Coilcraft, Inc., a world leader in the design and manufacture of magnetic components for a wide range of applications, including signal generation and processing, RF, power, impedance matching, LED drivers, timing and much more.

For almost a decade, Coilcraft CPS has designed and built magnetic–inductive components for use in industrial applications that require the highest degree of robustness and longevity. These industrial parts have been tested to ensure their suitability for mission-critical applications, and for use in adverse environmental conditions, including extreme temperatures. They are delivered directly from the factory, without the need for third party services. In addition, components can be built and certified to meet specific customer requirements.

News & Features

Coilcraft CPS Launches Testing & Validation Services

Coilcraft CPS has announced a new product testing and validation service to help electronics manufacturers determine the reliability, repeatability and/or compliance of the electronic components and assemblies they manufacture or procure.

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2017 Events

Visit with us at these events:

Embedded World
Nuremberg, Germany 
March 14-16, 2017
Hall 4A, Booth 150  info

Czech Republic
March 21-24, 2017  info

Tampa, FL 
March 26-30, 2017 Booth 1211  info

TI Tech Days
Milwaukee, WI
March 30, 2017  info

Space Tech Expo USA
Pasadena, CA  May 23-25, 2017  
Booth 8034  info

Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Tech Expo
Novi MI  Sep 12-14  info

European Microwave Week
Nuremberg DE  Oct 8-13  info

2018 Events

Visit with us at these events:

Munich DE  Nov 13-16, 2018  info