Using our ADS Component Library

The ADS Component Library includes models of RF and Spring inductors.

Download the library file and save this file to a folder on your hard drive. (

Open ADS.

Select “DesignKit” from the pulldown menu and select “Install Design Kits”.

Select unzip file and choose and the destination directory. All the needed information for the “Define Design Kit” section is filled in from the library.

Select OK, and the Design Kit is installed.

To use Coilcraft parts, select the library button in a design.

Any inductor family from our library can now be selected. Place the component in the design.

When placed, the first value of the series is displayed.

Select the desired inductance value in the "Type" section.

The S-Parameters are valid from 1 MHz to just above the SRF of the component. To find the SRF of a component, please refer to the family datasheet.