Coilcraft CPS news

Here is the latest in new products and announcements from Coilcraft Critical Products and Services.

Coilcraft CPS Introduces New Extreme Temperature Inductor

The new AT549RBT cored-spring inductor from Coilcraft CPS (Critical Products & Services) features a temperature rating of −news/5°C to +300°C, making it ideal for extreme-temperature applications such as down-hole drilling and on-engine automotive. -more-

Shock-resistant, Outgassing-compliant Power Inductors

The new AE425PJB Series of low-profile power inductors from Coilcraft-CPS meets NASA low outgassing specifications. The AE425PJB is just 1.8 mm high with a footprint of 3.9 mm square, and features a special suspended core construction, allowing it to pass vibration testing to 80 G and shock testing to 1000 G. -more-

High-reliability chip inductors rated to −news/5°C

The ST312RAG Series 0603 chip inductors from Coilcraft CPS offer extended temperature ratings (−news/5°C to 125°C), higher Q and lower DCR than other commercial 0603 inductors, making them ideal for a broad range of extreme-temperature applications. -more-

High-temperature, outgassing-compliant power inductors

Coilcraft CPS announces its new AE619PYA Series of high-temperature, military-grade power inductors that meet all NASA low outgassing specifications. These robust, composite-core surface mount inductors are constructed of high-temperature materials to exceed the requirements of most military and aerospace applications -more-

240°C air core inductors for aerospace and mil applications

Coilcraft CPS ( has released their AT392RAS inductors, targeting applications where high temperatures can be encountered. Air-core design and special materials allow operation in ambient temperatures as low as –60°C and up to 240°C. -more-

Miniature wideband transformers meet NASA low outgassing specifications

For aerospace and other ultra-critical applications requiring miniature ferrite-core transformers, Coilcraft CPS has introduced the new AE458RFW Series. These robust, open design surface mount transformers are specially designed and tested to meet or exceed NASA’s demanding low-outgassing specifications. -more-