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240°C Air Core Inductors Fit Aerospace and Mil Applications

Coilcraft CPS (Critical Products and Services Group) has released their AT392RAS inductors, targeting applications where high temperatures can be encountered. These robust components are manufactured to meet the requirements of these demanding applications. Air-core design and special materials allow operation in ambient temperatures as low as –60°C and up to 240°C.

Five inductance values from 8.1 to 27.3 nH. Despite their ultra-small size, Q ratings are as high as 130, with current handling of up to 4 amps. Flat top and bottom provide reliable pick-and-place assembly and on-board mechanical stability.

The AT392RAS Series passes NASA low out-gassing specifications, have highest available temperature construction and feature tin-lead terminations.

Coilcraft CPS Air Core Inductors are designed for VHF-UHF RF applications where aerospace / military-level performance is required. Inductance linearity of the coil is not affected by changes in current, so that performance is maintained and unwanted harmonics are minimized. Eight series of air core inductors are available to ensure a match for your application.

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