Power Transformers

These standard transformers are available with optional tin-lead or tin-silver-copper terminations, which can improve the solder fillet and ensure an exceptionally reliable solder joint. They may also be available with an extended temperature range.

These flyback power transformers also operate well in applications with power levels other than those shown, and at a wide range of frequencies. The nominal frequency and circuit reference are only provided as a guide. Review our application note Using Standard Transformers in Multiple Applications to determine if one of our standard product offerings will work in your specific application.

For more information about transformer design, download the Coilcraft Structured Design Guide for Switching Transformers for a step-by-step guide to transformer design or fill out the Power Transformer Design Worksheet.
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Telecom input (36 – 72 Vdc)
Telecom input (36 – 57 Vdc)
Telecom extended input (14 – 72 Vdc)
3.3 – 36 Vdc input
400 Vdc input
AC line input

Capacitor charging transformers