Air Core, Flat Wire Power Inductors

Coilcraft CPS Air Core Power Inductors are designed for high-frequecy power applications. They are ideal for use in magnetically-sensitive applications.

  • Current handling as high as 57 Amps!
  • Inductance values from 22 to 257 nH
  • Excellent Q factors – up to 194 at 100 MHz
Which version of these parts should you use?
MS Extended temperature applications: −55 to 155°C Ambient
Leach resistant tin-lead terminations
ML Extended temperature applications: −55 to 155°C Ambient

Optional Current min
DCR max
Height max

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Need samples or Designer's kits for electrical testing? Coilcraft offers free samples of our commercial grade products. Click here for a cross reference of the parts listed below.

  sort sort sort sort sort sort sort
ML, MS 561RAU**  (1010) 10 10 3.6 23.5 146 19.3 26
ML, MS 615RAU**  (1212) 12 11.5 6.6 22 117 44 57
ML, MS 643RAU**  (2014) 19.56 13.6 5.99 33 257 34.5 43

** Each value is a different height. Shortest height is shown.